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With the StaffTraveler app for iOS and Android, you can get the loads on the flights you wish to non-rev on. Trusted by over 470,000 members from all major airlines.

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"This app has improved staff traveling tenfold! We can now get accurate loads for other airlines within a couple of minutes! I recommend it to all of my colleagues."

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What is non-rev?

Non-revenue travel (non-rev in short) is a benefit for airline employees. Non-rev tickets can be used by (retired) airline employees, travel industry employees, their family members or close friends. They can purchase these tickets at a fraction of the price of a standard ticket, but they are only granted if unsold seats are available.

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What is StaffTraveler?

With StaffTraveler, you can check the seat availability (also called non-rev loads) for the flights you wish to travel on. The app is trusted by 470,000 airline employees from all airlines around the world.

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Non-rev blog

What are the golden rules for non-rev travel? How to get cleared on standby? How does a CIA agent travel? Why should you date a flight attendant (or shouldn't date a girl who travels? What are the favourite destinations for non-rev'ers? You'll read it all on our blog!

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